Making Implementation Happen. Bridging the Research to Practice Gap.

CAPTAIN Vision Statement

Establish a statewide training and technical assistance network focused on promoting the acceptance, support and quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum, that is inclusive of partner agencies who will work collaboratively so that individuals on the autism spectrum and their families can benefit from effective services, supports and resources.

CAPTAIN Mission Statement

  1. Increase knowledge about autism and Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) through systematic dissemination of information that is culturally relevant and respectful of the varied perspectives of people on the autism spectrum.

  2. Improve implementation of EBPs with fidelity in schools and community settings through high quality training, coaching, and systems level support.

  3. Increase consistency of EBPs use across systems by convening multiagency and regionalized workgroups that will assist with autism EBP integration into local service delivery systems.

  4. Create an equipped workforce by collaborating with higher education, preparation programs and early career mentoring programs so that professionals entering into their careers will understand how to effectively support individuals on the autism spectrum.